Wild camping and parking guide – Park4night

It is perfectly possible to park and sleep in certain locations outside of a campsite in the UK and especially mainland Europe. We recommend downloading the Park4night free app onto your smart phone which is very helpful.

The Park4night app is available for PC (as above) and also mobile smartphones as an app.

Always observe the golden rules. Never park directly outside someones house. Always depart early every morning preferably before 8am. Use your common sense, if it does not look right, its not right to park there.

In France they class camping as sitting outside your motorhome on chairs so its very important not to abuse this rule.

Wild camping is legal throughout Europe apart from Luxembourg where it is classified as illegal.

Always make sure you have ample water (you may want a shower or use the loo) and gas onboard as you are off grid so no prospect of a tap you can use nearby.

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